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Please read the following carefully. We’d like you to have a complete understanding of what our warranty includes. If you have any questions or concerns, we welcome you to contact us for more information.

Hassle-Free 1 Year Warranty

Benzeen Auto Parts warrants the original purchaser that their part is protected against any defect for 1 year (365 days) from the date of original purchase. In the event of defect, Benzeen Auto Parts will repair, replace, or refund the purchase price of the part. This warranty is not transferable, is limited to defects in the part, and does not include accessories attached to the actual part.

Hassle-Free 1 Year Warranty on Mechanical Parts

The Mechanical Parts warranty excludes breakdowns caused by uncovered components, improper installation, failure to clear computer codes, defective workmanship, usage for which the part was not intended, and/or improper maintenance (e.g. using the incorrect types and/or levels of fluids and lubricants as outlined in the vehicle’s "Owner's Manual").

Extended Warranty

The time period of an Extended Warranty purchased on this site is defined by the option selected on the part page or cart page before checkout or as detailed on your invoice. Extended Warranties only extend the duration of time the part is covered and preserves the same level of coverage as specified in the Hassle-Free 1 Year Warranty and Mechanical Parts Warranty detailed above. Additional options for Extended Warranties not featured on this site may be available for purchase, please call for details.

Labor Warranty

Benzeen Auto Parts offers labor warranties as an addition to our standard Hassle-Free 1 Year Warranty for all part purchases. Labor warranties must be activated and payed for over the phone or in person, please call for details. Labor warranties are available for an additional cost based on the following percentage of your purchase price:

Pricing is as follows:

  • 15% of original purchase price for 1 year Labor coverage plan.
  • 25% of original purchase price for "12/12" Labor coverage plan.

Labor Warranty Terms and Conditions:

  • 1 year coverage plan: Parts and labor covered for up to one year after the date of original invoice.
  • 12/12 coverage plan: Parts and labor covered for up to 12 months after the date of original invoice or up to 12,000 additional miles on vehicle's odometer.

* Documented proof of mileage at time of repair is required.
* All repairs must be done by a licensed ASE Certified repair shop.
* All parts and labor warranties must be purchased at time of sale. Buyer understands that these purchased warranties apply only to the original purchased part. Warranty replacement parts carry no extended and/or labor warranty unless purchased separately.
* Labor warranty claims will warrant a $50 per hour cap not to exceed the original price of purchased part. $50 per hour rate will be based on Mitchell, All Data, and Chilton per hour book time rate.

All Warranties are Null and Void if:

  • The part purchased is installed in an application for which the vehicle manufacturer did not intend it.
  • Defect or failure is caused by a towing trailer or any other vehicle unless your vehicle is equipped for this purpose as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Failure resulted by abuse, misuse, or improper modification.
  • The part fails or becomes defective resulting from the vehicle being involved in a collision.
  • The vehicle is not serviced at proper intervals, or appropriate fuel or coolant is not supplied in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's specifications.
  • Failure or defect caused by theft, fire, collision, explosion, earthquake, lightning, windstorm, hail, water, freezing or flood.
  • Heat tab centers are melted or removed.

Terms and Conditions

  • All warranties are not transferable
  • Warranty coverage begins as of the date of purchase as indicated on the original invoice.
  • The original invoice must accompany all return items
  • Benzeen Auto Parts must approve of any repairs or replacements, prior to any work being performed.
  • Proof of regularly scheduled maintenance is required.
  • Benzeen Auto Parts reserves the right to inspect any product prior to replacement.
  • Timing belts, water pump, thermostat, spark plugs, fluids and seals are routine maintenance items and should be replaced at the time of installation and at the vehicle manufacturer's recommended service intervals.
    (Refer to vehicle manufacturer's owner's manual for recommended maintenance schedule and specifications)
  • Benzeen Auto Parts drains all fluids from the parts that we sell. It is the customer's responsibility to fill all part components with the appropriate fluids or lubricants. Cooling system must be filled with appropriate antifreeze.
  • Warranty does not cover freight costs or similar damages.
  • Windshields and other glass breakage are not covered under this or any warranty, unless specified on the invoice.
  • Benzeen Auto Parts is not responsible for any injury or damages that result from installation of purchased parts.
  • The year and model of the vehicle or part printed on an invoice is within range of interchangeability. The part supplied to customer may not necessarily be the exact model and year as the part or vehicle that has been provided.
  • Proper verification of operating conditions for cooling and electrical systems must be checked at time of installation of parts or products that can be affected by these systems.
  • Engines: Engine warranties are limited to defects in the block, rod knock, block cracks, and excessive smoking. We do not guarantee against oil leaks. Engine accessories installed or attached to the motor for convenience or preference are not covered by our warranty. Engines will not be covered if center heat tab is melted or removed. Claims related to overheating resulting from improper maintenance and or lubrication of the cooling system and or engine, are not covered by warranty. Benzeen Auto Parts does not warrant suitability of engines or other parts for compliance with any state's smog regulations. Customer is responsible for making this determination prior to purchase.
  • Transmissions: When purchasing a transmission, installer is responsible for replacing radiator or transmission oil cooler, flushing the transmission oil cooling lines, filling the differential, shifter mechanism adjustments; including filter, seals, and gaskets. In addition, the installer is also responsible for checking computer codes and resetting as necessary upon the installation of a transmission.
    Transmissions are guaranteed to work properly. Transmission gears are guaranteed to be in working condition. Benzeen Auto Parts does not provide warranty on gear and case damage or breakage caused as a result of improper use, installation, or abuse.

Returns and Refunds

Please visit the Returns & Refunds page.

Important Notices

"SRS" Recycled Parts: Regarding any recycled Supplemental Restraint System ("SRS") including airbags and seatbelts, a qualified installer must install this recycled system for the pretensioner to operate properly. Installer must install this system in accordance to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications. Installer is responsible for testing the part for proper functionality. Benzeen Auto Parts is not responsible for the improper installation of this system. The purchaser and/or user and installer are aware and assume all risks of damages, injuries, and death, which may arise as a result of the improper installation or use of a recycled SRS part. All recycled SRS parts including airbags are sold on an "AS IS" basis. Benzeen Auto Parts makes absolutely NO warranty, whether expressed or implied, as to the fitness or condition for a general purpose or of merchantability in connection with any sale of an SRS part.

VIN Requirements: If any part sold has a Vehicle Identification Number ("VIN") on it, the installer must obtain a replacement VIN for the part to the extent necessary to comply with applicable laws.

This website is not endorsed, approved or affiliated with any of the makes that may be represented by their respective names or logos. None of the owners of these names or logos represent any of the products advertised or offered on this website. All make names and logos are property of their respective owners and are used in this website solely for identification and education.

Warranty Terms Notice
Benzeen Auto Parts may revise or update these warranty terms at any time without prior notice. By using this site you are agreeing to be bound by the current version of these warranty terms and conditions of use.

Questions or Additional Information
If you have any questions regarding your warranty or wish to obtain additional information, please e-mail us at info@benzeenautoparts.com or send us a letter via U.S. Mail to:

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