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Where is the best place online to buy used OEM Smart parts?

Easily find the part you need and verify compatibility using our advanced part search tools, no mechanic required! Order Smart parts from us anytime, 24/7 at! If you need assistance, experienced part specialists are standing by with access to part diagrams, chassis codes, parts catalogs, VIN decoders and more to help you find the exact OEM part!

Why are used OEM Smart parts better than new or aftermarket?

OEM is an abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer which means: parts are made directly by Smart, not a third party. Because they’re made to fit the specifications of your make and model, you can expect an exact fit. However, new OEM parts are definitely not cheap. But when you buy used with Benzeen, you can expect significant savings off the MSRP of new. Because aftermarket parts are manufactured by a company other than Smart, they may not offer a reliable fit since these parts are produced at a high volume and made to similar specifications. This makes used OEM parts the safer and most affordable option!

What are some popular replacement parts for Smart vehicles?

While we here at Benzeen offer any part your Smart needs, here are a few we specialize in: Engines are typically replaced at over 200,000 miles, if your Smart is up there, no stress! Our used engines include our 1 Year Warranty and are cleaned, and quality tested. If your ABS pump is leaking, it’s time to give your vehicle quality used replacement. Though it is not common for a Smart ECU or ECM to fail, incorrect programming or water damage may require a replacement. Excessively loud music can sometimes cause your radio or amplifier to fail. Fortunately, we test and inventory plenty of OEM replacement options for your Smart. Rather than repairing your Smart transmission, sometimes it is cheaper to replace it with a used OEM alternative. Quality used Smart headlamps are our specialty. We buff and polish most lamps to bring you the next best thing to new!

Where can I find affordable OEM replacement parts with a warranty for my Smart?

At Benzeen we stand behind everything we offer to our valued customers. With every part we include our hassle-free, 1 Year Warranty at no extra charge to bring you a safe and reliable option rather than buying junkyard or salvage yard Smart parts. Buying quality used with Benzeen also brings you savings of up to 70% off new and aftermarket prices.

Our Commitment for SMART Parts

Smarts are known for their incredible presence on the road delivering the best between performance, luxury and comfort. However, OEM Smart parts are notorious for being expensive and difficult to find. Benzeen Auto Parts offers quality used OEM Smart parts for sale at affordable prices with a hassle-free 1 Year Warranty. 

Buying with Benzeen saves you up to 70% off new and aftermarket prices and takes the guesswork out of buying parts! Anytime you need a part, we’ll be here, your one stop shop for genuine OEM Smart parts online. Our OEM auto part search tools find the parts you need in moments, saving you a trip to your local used spare parts store or Smart wrecking yard. Check us out anytime online here at Below are just a few of the solutions our parts provide.


Customer Reviews

Blane Harrison



Fantastic, professional service and quality. My expectations were certainly exceeded....





Slava Daniliuk



Came in because I saw a wheel they were selling via car-part. Asked to see the item because I was interested in buying. The representative said I have to put a deposit to see the item, “just in case I don’t buy it”. He said they don’t show items unless you buy it. How the hell does that make any sense? Buying a used, slightly damaged part and he can’t even show me the curb rash on the wheel? ...

Arthur Turi



Andrey was very helpful and great customer skills. Highly recommended....

movses Cherkezyan



I brought a rack and pinion from Andre at benzeen auto parts and i'm very satisfied with there service ,they are very professional auto part specialists .thank you very much benzeen auto parts...

Alex Sushi



Good prices bought all the parts i needed...

Serhiy Art



This guy's selling parts, so high....better buy from dealers....

Jordan Fee



Expensive part had a defect. Though their warranty is very good and they do honor it. If I could do it again I would probably buy a new part to save time and peace of mind. Process was a bit of a hassle and communication wasn't the best....

Oscar Barr



they think they doing a favor to you by selling the part you need,...

Jazmin Torres



They had a part at a price nobody had....

Иван Николаев



Цены как новые запчасти очень дорого при этом не хотят никогда торговаться Prices as new parts are very expensive and they never want to bargain...

Eugene Khala



Andre was the gentleman that helped me find some needed parts for my car. He was knowledgeable on my vehicle and was able to ship my parts to Washington State.... is the place for the best genuine OEM used auto parts online. With a hassle-free, one-year warranty,
and the highest standards in quality and affordability, you can always rely on us for your parts.

1 Year Warranty

1 Year Warranty

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